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Christian Light Reading

Roxy Roller

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We use a ton of CLE. It's great, it's thorough...it's super-cheap. It gets the job done. CLE Reading is good, but I thought the reading level was more advanced than grade level. They have samples on their website. The readers are like 7 or 8 bucks.


Have you seen McGuffey Eclectic Readers? Those are awsome. We use those, too. http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/McGuffey%92s+Eclectic+Readers+Set+%28Primer+-+Sixth+Reader%29/020887/1281639888-197360

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Dd did 7th grade CLE reading last year. It was our first experience with it. I was very impressed with the literary teaching and vocabulary building. I like that it is really just half a year's worth of work which leaves plenty of time for real books. If she weren't doing SL Core 100 this year, she would be doing CLE 8th.


My ds is using 2nd grade BJU, but it is primarily because I already owned it. It's a good program, too. I own 3rd - 5th grades in BJU, but I'm going to switch to CLE at least by 4th grade. That is the grade it starts being half a year.

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It is really challenging at the 5th grade level. My DD is really bright but I'm thinking about bumping her down to 4th grade because it borders on frustrating for her. My DS isn't having trouble with the 2nd grade level so far but we do a lot of orally because it can be a bit too much writing. I don't think you can go wrong with it as long as you can find the correct placement.

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We use and LOVE CLE reading. It's a great program for all things reading comprehension / basic literary stuff. I personally feel the readers are at grade level, but the comprehension / application parts can be challenging. My kids adore the readers and the stories, and next to CLE bible, CLE reading is their favorite subject. I would say that it covers a lot more than just "reading" or comprehension. You can read the scope and sequence HERE. For example, the fourth grade book (401) my DD is working on covers:


Working with vocabulary words

Using a map

Comparing and contrasting past and


Pioneer and modern windows

Choosing the main idea of the story

Noting which lines of a poem rhyme

Matching characters to actions

Identifying rhyming words in poetry

Writing an ending line for a poem

Predicting events if circumstances

would have been different

Statements as fact or opinion

Characters’ feelings at given times

Abbreviations No. and Nos.

Discerning between imaginary and

non-imaginary statements

Interpreting a figure of speech

Learning the term simile

Identifying similes

Vocation in the story and in a poem

Determining why a story character’s

action was wrong

Writing about a personal fear

Using a map in an encyclopedia

Which story idea was most important

Characters’ actions — character traits

Sentences about a poem’s content

Deciphering a code

Finding parts of sentences that verify


Inferring details from a story

Topic sentences of paragraphs

Putting story events in order

Identifying anachronisms

Inferring characters’ feelings from their


Showing a characters’ feelings

God answered a character’s prayers

References to find various information

Pioneer life – enjoyable or not?

Interpreting a Bible verse

Memorizing and applying Scripture


As I said, it's very thorough and is much more than just test prep reading comp. I've been totally impressed and we'll use this one until we age out of it. HTH!!

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