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Project oriented kid


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If any of you have read Dr. Amen's ADHD book, my child fits into the over-focused category. He also has Asperger's.


If he has something on his mind, he cannot focus on ANYTHING else, including sleep or eating.


He will make some future engineering department very happy, but for now, it is really hard!


If he has a new electronic game and hasn't mastered it yet, or he has a lego project or really any project he is working on, he doesn't sleep.


Last night I heard him rolling around in his bed around 2am. He then got up at 3:45am and went downstairs to work on a computer project he had started yesterday. :tongue_smilie: He shares a room, so telling him he has to stay in his room would disturb the other boys.


But here is the main issue: He is tired and cranky today and doesn't want to focus (or can't focus) on school or chores because his mind is on his project!


Is there a way to help him relax? A way to help him sleep? A way to get him back focused on his task at hand?


We have talked about getting him his own room, it will mean moving the bonus/play room to the basement, but we have to wait until the basement is finished.....it will be fairly soon.



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Boy, if anyone has the answer to this, I'm all ears! My daughter, also an Aspie, hyperfocuses on areas of intense interest and also has trouble sleeping or relaxing when she is in the first throes of a new interest. We have all too many days where she is dragging, and although I go through the motions of school I feel often it is just that: the motions.


It has gotten somewhat better with age (she's now fourteen). But it's definitely still there.


One thing that nearly always works is her riding lessons or her work at the stables. When she comes home she is relaxed, refreshed, physically tired out, and just in a different mental zone. But we can't do that every day!

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