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S/O Twilight inspired rubber stamping projects

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Really cute!


Currently, dd and I share a love of Harry Potter (she's 8), but I look forward to the day where Twilight may interest her (she's reading over my shoulder right now and doing this :tongue_smilie:).





The stamp teacher said she's doing a HP class in OCt. If dd or I do it, I'll post the pics!

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How cool! Do you mean the one that looks like Edward as a little kid?


Yup! She's got a whole line of stamps in that style (including other Twilight characters), they're really cute. The line is called Wild Flower Patch. http://www.thewildflowerpatch.com . She's got a daughter the same age as my oldest (6) and likes to make stamps (and all manner of art) that her daughter is drawn to (no pun intended), so it's designed to be kid-friendly and easy to colour.

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