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Korean History


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My children have cousins who are half Korean and who will be homeschooled as well. I'd like to find some good quality resources on Korean history to sprinkle into our curriculum and to recommend to my sister. My sister and I both lean Charlotte Mason, so I'd especially like to find some well-written biographies.


Anyone know of anything that would fill this need?

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Afraid I don't have a non-fiction resource, but we have enjoyed reading Linda Sue Park's fiction books, some set in ancient Korea or involving characters from there. http://www.lindasuepark.com/


You might look at the Asia for Kids catalog http://www.afk.com.


I came across a few other sites that might also be useful:

http://www.olce.org/pdfs/MC%20Korean%20PDFs/Resource%20in%20Chicago.pdf some of the material is specific to Chicago, but there's a lot of other stuff as well


Korean resources for educators http://www.libraries.iub.edu/index.php?pageId=2886



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Thanks for those suggestions. I have heard great things about Linda Sue Park's work but have yet to read any of it.


It's a shame... there are so many excellent biographies of figures from Western history, but Asian history seems to be almost exclusively historical fiction. I do like historical fiction but I just don't like that being the whole curriculum.

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