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Need vitamin/iron supplement.....

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I take this one (it has iron; there is a no-iron version, too) and it is a huge help to my energy level. I'm getting ready to re-order so I have a supply for fall/winter! http://www.vitacost.com/Natures-Way-Alive-Whole-Food-Energizer-180-Tablets


The tablets are a bit big, but even though it comes in a smaller capsule, you have to take more of the capsules and I find the tablets seem to be more effective for some reason. I only take 2 a day rather than the 3 recommended. I love that it's a whole food supplement and have used this for a few years now.


If you are anemic, you may want to just take an iron pill along with your multivitamin--just check with your dr. how much you need so you don't take too much!

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What is the best daily vitamin/iron supplement for women? I am looking for one to start taking, but I don't know which to get.


I've been taking these for awhile now:



Dh has been taking the men's version, and wanted to try something else (more whole food) and so I bought him the one 6pack is taking, but he says he can't tell if they're better than his other vitamins. I may give them a try to see if I notice any difference.

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If you're open to the idea iron doesn't "go well" with other minerals. It either blocks their absorption (zinc) or is blocked by them (calcium for example) or a combo of both (most if not all of them).


I like ferrous bis-glycinate--also called ferrochel by brand name because it's so well absorbed so you don't have the side effects of unabsorbed iron like constipation, stomach upset, etc. and have less chance of excess iron doing damage in the body at a cell level. I use gentle iron by Solgar.


Other than that I'd suggest you also do an iron free multi-supplement. Or if you need particular things ideally target those on their own. If you do that you can pick the best forms of whatever the particular needed item (say folate vs. folic acid or zinc chelate/optizinc, extra of a particular item, etc.) Example: I take optizinc, iodine, metagenics b vitamin, extra b12, magnesum, coq10, vitamin D, and selenium myself because for particular reasons I need those in supplement form.


If you need a one stop pill I'd pick one that has highly absorbable vitamin forms and chelated forms of the minerals like http://www.metagenics.com/products/a-z-products-list/Multigenics-Intensive-Care However, I really don't like the glutamine addition at all but they selected chelated minerals and folate instead of folic acid and etc. and they have an iron free formula as well so following that ideal would be good.

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