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Teaching US civics?


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OK, so we pretty much follow TWTM for our basis. I'm realizing, though, that I have not taught ds much about typical American civic stuff, like the pledge, songs, etc. Now, we are patriotic, but strongly reserve our rights to free speech regarding the government, etc...but I'm wondering what the hive has to say about teaching these things in the home, because I think it's important as an American to at least know them. I was thinking of adding some of this to our studies for the year...memorizing the pledge, the poem on the Statue of Liberty, the preamble, National Anthem, etc. (DS is in 3rd grade.) Any suggestions on good resources that could make this more interesting and not so dry and boring?




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Guest Alte Veste Academy

We cover these things as they arise through history. Here is what we use...


O, Say Can You See? America's Symbols, Landmarks, and Inspiring Words


The U.S. Constitution and You


How the U.S. Government Works


I also really like the books from this series (you can buy the set of paperbacks more cheaply from the publisher).


We also use many primary source documents.

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