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need new tailgating recipe ideas

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We are big college football fans (Go Hogs!) and generally tailgate before most games. We have been doing this for many years, and I could really use some fresh ideas.


We usally just have one other couple with us, but sometimes people "drop by." In the past I have done hearty pasta salads, picked up friend chicken, brisket (thought it is difficult to keep it warm) and cooked burgers (we have a small grill we can take with us). I really do fine with my sides, nibbles, and desserts. What I really need is a nice solid "entree."


Preferences would be:

Can do ahead of time

Not too difficult to eat when sitting in a chair (though we do take a table)

Holds well


Maybe a yummo sandwich recipe? Something more "gourmet"? Often these are so big and fat it is difficult to eat them in a ladylike way.


Any ideas for me?

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Do you have a crock pot? If I heat food to full-temp at home, then wrap the crockpot in a bath towel or two, it stays hot for a very long time--At least several hours.


For things that I don't do in the crockpot, I make a hot box with a cooler by filling a cooler with hot water and letting it sit while I prepare food, then draining the water out, then wrapping my covered hot dish with towels and closing it up inside the pre-heated cooler. Food in a hot box will stay steaming hot for several hours too, if you're careful about pre-heating the hot box and putting the food in piping hot.


Not having to cook on-the-spot, while still enjoying foods that are served hot, opens up a lot of options.


Almost any casserole will be fine (I like homemade au gratin potatoes with really good ham), as will ribs(I do boneless, so no mess), lasagna (either red or white or veggie) with a green salad and really good bread, baked potatoes with a pot of chili & shredded cheese, barbequed beef or chicken with rolls to serve as sandwiches. Meatballs, nachos (taco meat, nacho cheese, tortilla chips, & other toppings), or taco salad with the greens & toppings all prepped ahead, and a crockpot of taco meat.


Oh, stuffed chicken breasts, chicken marsala, chicken florentine...it all depends on just how gourmet you'd like things to be, but once you get good with the hot box, almost anything is possible! :001_smile:

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