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I need bible recommendations!

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My ds started out with the Kid's Adventure Bible (NIV), then went to the Teen's Bible (also NIV) and is still sticking with it because his notes are in it from countless studies.


I looked today at a Chronological Bible and drooled. This Bible reads like a history book - in chronological order. Probably not suitable for young ones, at least not in this format. If they had anything like it for kids, it would give them a great perspective of when what occurred in Bible times.

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For the 12 year old I would suggest a MacArthur Study Bible. They come in New American Standard, New King James, and English Standard, that I know of. There are several color choices for the covers. Our youth group has these.


As far as the younger, I am still on the lookout for a big-boy Bible for my youngest, too. Right now he uses a Precious Moments Bible.

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By that age, all of my boys just wanted a "real" Bible. They didn't like the children's Bibles from the time they began to read, and they still don't like any of the "agenda" Bibles, as my oldest son calls them.


Mine, too. Ds1 (15yo) chose NIV and ds2 (12yo) prefers NKJV. They got the regular study bible versions.



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We like NLT so it narrows down our choices. We have liked the "hands on" Bible and the Live teen Bible.


When looking at teen Bibles I didn't like how many included discussions of s#x, drugs etc. (either in the side notes or devotionals etc.)




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