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SOTW 1- Is anyone NOT using the library and has their book selections all picked out?


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We are using the library minimally - i.e., Morley's Egyptian Myths is over $30 used on amazon, and my parents' county library had it in stock, so we're using it.


What We're Using:

Archaeologists Dig For Clues

You Wouldn't Want to Be A Mammoth Hunter

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Mummies Made In Egypt

Ten Kings

The Great Pyramid, Mann

The Great Wall, Mann

the Good Times Travel Agency books

most of the appropriately-timed "You Wouldn't Want to Be.." books

D is for Doufu

Roman Numberal I to MM

Seven Wonders of the World, Curlee

The Egyptian News, The Greek News, The Roman News

The Story of Clocks and Calendars

Pompeii Lost and Found

Britain Through the Ages: Celts

The Ancient Celts

The Ancient Celtic Festivals

Why Are You Calling Me A Barbarian?


We're a little heavy on Egypt because that's my oldest's favorite part of history, and we're heavy on the Celtic because that's our heritage. I also have some of the Eyewitness books which are primarily for my older logic-stage student, but ds is looking at the pictures for enrichment. :)

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