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I can't take it anymore!!!!!!!!!

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Between the 5 year old who complains CONSTANTLY and refuses to eat just about everything I cook (and goes to bed hungry for that) and the 4 year old who is mouthy and LOUD and my husband's MIL who refuses to clean up after herself I HAVE HAD IT!!!


(and on the week before we officially start school, too!)


I told dh earlier that I feel like nothing I do around here matters to anyone. I wash clothes, they end up on the floor. I cook food, they may or may not eat it. (these are only about my two youngest)


Late afternoon/evening is when my headaches are at their worst and I need some freakin' compliance around here! Not perfection, not marching in lock-step formation, just a little gratitude and "yes, Ma'ams!".


I saw a couple of books recommended here that I picked up from the library last night:


Above All, Be Kind


Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids


I hope they help!


P.S. I really do love my kids!

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When I was young my mom went on strike (no joke). For a week she refused to cook, clean, drive us around, help with homework, or do anything else "MOM" related. When we said we were hungry, she pointed to the cereal, when we needed clean underpants she said "tough."


Our attitudes improved FAST :lol:

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