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What are some good science books for K?


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I'm wanting to do an animal study this year with my son for Kindergarten science.


What books would you suggest us having for our home library? He loves animals so I want him to have plenty of books he can grab any time. He reads just about anything, so reading level doesn't have to be K.


Also, do you know any good science books or publishers from a creation perspective?


And last question...


What other science books do you really love for this age on any science topic?

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One of the best animal books we read all year was Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm. Both kids *loved* this book.


These aren't technically animal books, but the top 3 science books this past year for my boy were all Usborne Beginners. I had to buy all 3 after we had them from the library for months.


How Flowers Grow

Tadpoles & Frogs

Butterflies & Caterpillars


We'll be doing more on animals this next year, so I'll be anxious to see what other recommendations you get. :)

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We love the Let's Read and Find Out series. We own a bunch and always checked some out of the library too. To find good books, you might check out a few programs like the Noeo level 1 science courses and the Winter Promise animals program and see what books they recommend. We have the Kingfisher Animal Encyclopedia. I wish we had a more advanced animal encyclopedia--I think my kids would not have minded an older level instead of Kingfisher. That said, they do read the Kingfisher one.

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Guest Alte Veste Academy

My dc, but especially my boys, love Oddhopper Opera. It's about bugs in a garden throughout the year, so it's incredibly useful as a science picture book.


Kids love little books and the Golden Guides have been a HUGE hit here with all the dc. They are wonderfully sized for taking on nature walks also. Do be sure to pick up some books about animals and plant life specific to your state. Check out your state's parks and wildlife dept. because ours has tons of free resources. There are incredible things that can be downloaded as pdfs these days!


Do consider getting him a subscription to ZooBooks. They are wonderful! You can also buy them individually and you can frequently find sets sold at Half-Price Books, eBay, etc.


I have many more to add but quiet time is over and I need to get off the computer!

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