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got bad news today and I'm depressed...

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I can't offer much but :grouphug:.


I am working part time and so is my dh. So we have 1 full time income between us (such as it is).


My dh lost his job last Sept and has only been able to find part time. So I completely understand!



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I'm so sorry for you, Joanne. I just went back to work 5 months ago after being a SAHM for 10 years. I know what you're feeling. Dh has been laid off for 10 months with no hope in sight. We're starting to look into different training for him. But the days of those glorious big paychecks are gone. Gone. Gone. I'm still angry about the way my life has been changed for me, through no fault of our own (dh was in home building).

But, I've been very lucky to find 6 houses to clean plus a bookkeeping job for the charity my dad started. I'm trying to count every blessing, but dang is it hard!

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Hubby came home at noontime and told us his plant is closing down. He worked there for 24 years and, now, nothing. Don't know what to do...so depressed. Guess I'm going to have to get a job now after NOT working for 20 years....very depressed.


You'll be okay. At age 40, I went to work full time for the FIRST TIME in my entire life when my DH was fired from a job he had for 18 years. (corporate buy out). I worked at Menard's as a cashier for six months while he looked for work. I hated it but I'm proud that I did it! (Haven't worked since though!) He eventually found another job in another state, we moved and love it here. Even if it takes awhile, you can do it! You can help out and eventually, he'll find another job and you'll be fine. Sorry you are having to go through this, but take comfort in knowing that lots of people have BTDT.



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