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FLL3 and SOTW question


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Hello :)


It's been a long time since I've been here - I was seduced (for lack of a better word) away by some other homeschool theories about 5 years ago.


Luckily... I've recovered. lol


Now I'm back with a couple of questions, and hoping someone will help me out.


I have purchased FLL3 and WWE for my grade 3 daughter, and I noticed that the readings correspond (appropriately) to SOTW3. However, I was planning to do SOTW1 with her. She actually knows quite a bit of history thanks to some other things we've done and her older sister, but she's never done an in-depth thing like SOTW. I guess my question is...


Is it better to line up FLL and SOTW3 or will it be ok to do SOTW1 with her and let the readings be connections she makes later? She has also done a LOT of USA history, (including pioneers) so she'll make connections that way as well.


Thank you for any guidance, and I'm sure I'll be back - I have a seventh grader too!






PS: I'm listening to Mrs. Wise's CD "What I Would Have Done Differently" - she is so inspiring!

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If it helps you, I'm doing FLL3 and WWE3 with my 3rd grader, and also doing SOTW1 (we are new to this as well). I don't see it as a problem. I would mention that I'm reconsidering on the WWE3. I'm thinking we may go back to WWE2, because she is having some trouble with narrating. She's ok with the dictation.

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Sorry I got my FLL3 and my WWE messed up - it's been a long day of me having to get comfortable in a new mindset.


We've have done dictation and narration - just less formally. I think she can handle the work - and if not I'll pop her down a level - no harm.


Thank you all for letting me know that it's ok to do SOTW 1 and WWE3 together - I feel very unsure of myself right now, except in my resolve to get back on the WTM track.


I could do my own "Things I Wish I'd Done Differently" lecture...especially for the 7th grader... but that's a whole other set of questions!


Thanks again, very much,



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