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Stupid wasteful government spending #3,462,053

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Dh had to renew his tabs on his car recently. They required emissions. Ok, that's normal. They plug a computer into your computer for 15 seconds and charge you $15 for it.


But then, they told him that state law requires that he get new license plates every 5 years (scratch that...he was told 5 years but DOL website now says 7 years), whether you want them or not, whether you need them or not. It doesn't matter if your current plates are in perfect condition; you must replace them...for a cost of $20.


Then, you don't even get the same license number you had before. You have to get a whole new license plate number unless you want to pay extra to keep your current number. So, all of your documentation (except the current registration) has the now wrong plate number on it, and you have to memorize a whole new number.


So, there's the waste of money, the waste of resources in making all of these new plates, and the waste of perfectly good plates that now have to be thrown out. And wouldn't there be a concern having plates tossed in the trash/recycling where someone could find them and use them?


ETA: DOL says the reason is that the shiny, protective coating is only guaranteed for 5 years. No shiny coating means radar guns won't work. It also says not to dispose of them in the recycling bins without calling the recycling company to see if they will be accepted. It gives a list of ways you can dispose of them, and throwing them away as they are is not one of them because people can steal and use them. Hmmmm, shouldn't they provide this information without you having to search for it?

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Mail them to Lambert's Home of the Thrown Rolls in Missouri; they will mount them to their restaurant walls free of charge ;)


Yes, it stinks that they make all these rules, but don't want to take responsibility for the consequences...instead sticking ya'll with the issues. (((hugs)))

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