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Is Memoria Press slower than usual?

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I ordered Second Form Latin Beta on 7/7. Honestly, my only time concern was getting in before they stopped selling it in BETA ;). They didn't ship it until 7/23, and now I'm still waiting on book-rate mail.


Last year, my delivery seemed to take forever, but I had received a call saying it had been returned to them damaged, so the extra time to get to me made sense.


Fortunately, I don't really care about any official start date, but it makes me feel as though I can't count on them for any kind of reasonable time frame in the future.


Do I just have bad luck? (Or do they know I'm a heathen??? :tongue_smilie:)

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I looked in the mail yesterday and there was a media mail envelope from Memoria Press for my Traditional Logic but both sides were opened with no books inside but somehow the order receipt was still in there. I orginially ordered it on the 30th so I am going to have to wait another week and a half for my logic. At least customer service was nice about sending out a replacement set.

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