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When God talks to us, He can even use Disneyworld...

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I remember a post a few weeks ago asking if you had ever 'heard' God. I can only count 2 times where I heard it like a distinct authoritative voice..both at times when my heart was very open. I wanted to share one and give you both sides of those who were affected.


I had just found out that a friend who I had shared my early homeschooling journey with had stage 4 terminal cancer. After months of her helping me get going on my homeschooling, I noticed something was bothering her. She had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (all over her body) and had not told me or many in the year she'd been undergoing treatments..she did not want it to define who she was. But at a point, we were having coffee at a shop and she told me that side to her life. Here was this vibrant, amazing, loving mom and I would never have guessed it. I left that coffee shop feeling helpless, but resigned to find some way to help. The next morning on my daily walk, I became angry, I was asking God why and then a peace came over me...a peace..(we homeschooling mom's don't often get those, so when they hit, we FEEL it!) then out of my gut (no other way to describe it) I felt someone speaking to me loudly and it simply said, "USE ME"...now maybe that was my holy spirit talking but it definitely was not of me and I can only say it was God.


Within 30 minutes on my return walk home I came up with a plan inspired, something she said at the coffee shop, she had never been to Disneyworld with her boys (who were 9/5 at the time)...well, we were Disney nuts and I just knew we could make this happen for her. No time for Make A Wish, sometimes they take 1 year and she'd never go for it...with 6 weeks through emails/a website we created/friends etc. we had enough donations/miles/reservations to send them all to Disneyworld...it wasn't me, it was clearly God making all these things happen...Disney/Delta Air Lines/anonymous donors who blessed them immensely...made it happen...


Now read her side of it...she was moved to respond to a blog by John Mayer and seeing how that His hand has moved in her life has been amazing, she's still a survivor...I just wanted those who asked if you'd ever heard God speak, how it works out..sometimes we never know what comes of those urgings...I was blessed today to read it from her perspective..an amazing lady.



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