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Jr Analytical Grammar vs GWG4


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We have GWG 4 and my son has been using it without complaint, but it seems a little formulaic (as in, once you know the formula, it's easy to get the answer). I was looking at JAG and it might suit my son better.


Has anyone who has used both compare them for me?



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But I REALLY like the layout. It is so different from GWG. GWG, as you know, begins with subject/verb. Whereas AG begins with nouns, pronouns, articles, adjectives then quickly on to prepositional phrases. I am sure that I will be teaching this to 2 of my kiddos (the oldest will self learn). GWG is really open and go...with the sentences basically written grammatically the same. With AG, they use a variety of sentence structure.

I would test myself with GWG, and always got 100%! But, to be honest, it wouldn't be the case with AG. I have spent the last week really delving into AG, and I can't wait to officially start (Next Wednesday).

It seems much more "meaty". Good luck!


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In my experience JAG was much more challenging than GWG. I ran into the same thing with GWG. JAG was a bit much for my then 3rd grader though so I ended up getting R&S and we're enjoying that. I want to continue grammar for a longer time/slower pace than JAG/AG would afford me.

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