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Help with math for my rising 8th grader


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DD turned 13 this summer, so will be a "young" 8th grader. She is good at getting the concepts of math, but struggles with the memory parts of it (like times tables). She is just finishing Singapore 5A, and I would like her to hit Algebra 1 in 9th grade. Lastly, I don't have any $$ to spend, so I need to make something work with what I have on hand.


Option 1:

Lial's BCM--I she will balk at the huge problem sets, even doing only the odds, but I think the drill would be good for her.


Option 2:

Singapore 5B & 6A (and possibly 6B, if we have time)--she really likes Singapore, and any time I've had her do a different curriculum, we end up coming back to it. It works for her, just not on the normal time table, hence she is doing 5A at the end of 7th grade.


Option 3:

Singapore 5B and Keys To Algebra



Thank you for any thoughts you might have. If you can think of any other combo with what I have on hand, let me know. Or if there's anything spectacular out there that's cheap, let me know that, too.

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