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Filing with 6 or More Children (Help!)


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Hi, fellow filers =) I will admit I haven't read the big thread but I have wanted to file for years and this year I took the plunge. :hurray: This year I'm teaching all six children from K-7th grade and I really need to be majorly organized. My husband supports my filing :D


Right now I'm just filing every subject by lesson. Once I get it all done I'll decide if I want to do the weekly thing or not, but I'm going on my third crate:ohmy:


I'm filing almost all subjects. Things like Saxon math I'm not but most everything else is being filed.


How many crates do you all end up with? Am I doing something wrong?

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Well, I only have 3 kids school aged and I have used 4 crates ;) Though I don't think my system is quite like that thread :tongue_smilie:


I have one crate for history, with a folder for every two weeks and books and supplies in the back.


I have one crate for science with a folder for each topic (for instance Protists Weeks 9-11) agian, with supplies and books in the back.


Then a crate with all the rest of the boys texts and workbooks and finally a crate for sis's things.


Then the two littles have a modified workbox system of plastic drawers.

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Okay, so having more then 3 crates will be normal:tongue_smilie:One crate won't even hold my K and 1st grader stuff and they only have Phonics, Math and Science. For my K and 1st graders I have filed Saxon Phonics 1, McRuffy Math grades K and 1, McRuffy Science K and my crate is full. I also put the Teacher Manuals in there. I still need to file Lance's Science workbook and McRuffy Phonics K which has readers :w00t: I was hoping to combine Lance and Ethan's curriculum in one crate but I don't think that's going to happen. I may if I take out the TM's.

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That will be me in another few years here... right now I only have 3 school age kids.


If you took all of your books/papers and file folders and stacked them into a big pile that will give you an idea of how much space you need for crates. (plus add on another 1/4 to 1/3 of that so it isn't jammed full and hard to sift through.


I have a working crate, and then just got some of those banker boxes to store the extra weeks in and transfer them as I need them. I file by week so I only need one crate going at any time. If you file by subject you might need to have more out at once.


Don't worry too much.. there is no RIGHT way to do this. If it helps you be organized than be happy :) If you think it's too much, then try something else. I'm not the kind of teacher who can just pick up from where we left off. I needed the kids things to be more organized so I didnt' have to think too hard about who was doing what. Some moms are so good at doing it the traditional way and planning each weekend etc...


Also... make sure you aren't giving the kids more work that they can reasonably do in a week. You could run the risk of getting so excited about filing that you burden yourself and your kids with WAY TOO MUCH curriculum and then end up frustrated 3 weeks in because the 'system' doesn't seem to be working. You have to be realistic in what you can accomplish, and not be afraid to abandon some things as the year goes on.


Just because it's in the file doesn't mean you HAVE to do it. Don't let the files take control of you. :-)

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one more point i wanted to make...
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Thanks ladies, with six kids I really want everything laid out and ready to go for me. I do plan to continue using our lesson planners so the children will have everything scheduled out. I don't want the children to have a crate for school.I plan to use them and maybe weekly or monthly (still figuring it out) I'll transfer lessons to their binder.


I'm just happy to hear that others are using more than one crate ;).

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If you used just one crate with 6 kids, I think many more mamas would be wondering what THEY did wrong!!! :lol:


When I'm done I will post a picture on my blog of how many crates it took to get this homeschooling family organized;)

When I visit blogs they show one crate so organized tidy and neat:001_huh: I thought for sure I was doing something wrong but there was just no way to make K & 1st fit :tongue_smilie: Thought I was going bonkers at first:blink:

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I think it just depends on curricula choices, how many worksheets and such there are, etc. The dynamics and each mama's personal organising techniques are all variables, not just how many children there are.


BJ workbooks are perferated so it makes it a bit easier with filing. McRuffy has lots of blackline masters. So far I'm filing for every subject except for things like Saxon Grammar or Math. I'm not going to tear up a textbooks ;)


I can see where this is really going to help with my weekly planning:D

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