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Need help choosing fabric markers

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We are about to embark on the Great Quilt Project. We are studying US Geography this year and my plan is to have each child make a quilt square for each state and then at the end of the year put each child's squares together to make a personalized and extremely meaningful quilt.


Today I went to the quilt shop and bought the fabric it is 100% cotton unbleached muslin. The lady at the quilt store said it would be the best for what we are trying to do. Since it was only $3 a yard I agreed.


But now I need to find a way to draw on the squares. I have looked at the Dharma Trading Company website and am totally confused. I am willing to buy the markers I need but I can't figure out which ones that is.


We want markers that can:

deal with repeated washing

have a decent amount of colors

can be used my me and the kids (ages 6, 9, and 11)


I don't have a problem with using markers that require being heat set. I can iron the squares after they are colored. And my Mom wouldn't have a problem reironing them before putting the quilts together. (She will probably do this even if I did iron them!)


So does any one have experience with fabric markers and can give me some ideas of what will work?


I am trying to decide between:

Fabrico Dual-Tip Fabric Markers

Tee Juice Markers

FabricMate Permanent Superfine Fabric Markers

Setaskrib+ Pen


Thank you.

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I've only used fabric markers a few times. I don't remember what brand I used for the heat set kind, but I thought they were difficult to work with. I made T shirts for a scrapbooking event and they didn't seem to last as long.


However, I bought Crayola fabric markers for my kids to decorate a T shirt for my husband for father's Day, about 4 years ago, and the ink has faded a bit with repeated washing, but the pictures they drew are still visible and cute. And, they were just like using regular markers. Very easy.

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