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In which dirty ethel freaks out over history ...

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Here it is - 2 weeks from the start of my school year and I just realized - I forgot to plan history for my kids. YIKES! Not just a "I have a nebulous idea of what we will do and need to fill in the details." Nope, completely forgot. I am most concerned about my oldest.


My oldest is going to be a junior and he really didn't complete enough last year to earn a credit for history. Basically, he did a full year of the 20th century world history 2 years ago and about a semester of US history last year. He reads a ton and knows things from who knows where. I am thinking of having him do an "honors" US history and having him take the AP US History exam next spring. I don't have time or energy to actually do the audit, nor do I care about it the AP label for the class that much, but the exam would be a good thing. He is taking college classes next year at a local liberal arts college (trimesters - Bio 101, English, zoology.) The following year, he would like to take their honors history course - history of ideas, but he needs a college history class first. AP should qualify. So, how do I prepare him? Textbook? AP prep book? Anything else? We are not big textbook people for the humanities - can't really stand them really. But, if that is the way to go, so be it.


So, am I nuts? Yeah, I am, but, what else is new!?!


What text books would be good to use. What about other supplementary materials? I have been looking at the AP website and sample syllabi and am totally overwhelmed.

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Being nuts is an important survival skill for homeschooling. It's more fun that way!


I'd pick up some AP test prep books, like Barrons or Princeton and go backwards from there. See what your ds already knows, then have him start reading. I haven't read them, but I've heard good things about Paul Johnson's history books. Or pick one of the texts recommended on an AP syllabus, and let your ds do a combination of test prep reading and reading for pleasure, books such as David McCullough's books. A friend of mine recently read his book on the Johnstown flood and loved it.


BTW, it cracks me up hearing high schoolers talking about having an "A-push" class. It took me a while to realize it was AP US History and not some kind of speeded up AP class! I mean, it is pushing things enough to take AP classes with out a special push class, you know?!

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Would an online course be an option? I see that PA Homeschoolers still has space in Section 1 of the AP US History course.





I had looked at the online options, but I don't have that much money left in the budget. I just paid the tuition for his college class, plus I have a payment for his online Latin class. I just can't fork over another $500.


Plus, my son really struggles with some online classes. His Latin class at RCA has been great, and his AoPS class is doing great as well. However, we have had so many bad experiences with his other online classes, that my son is really balking at it. I had sort of counted on our little history group (a group of 3 families that has been working together for the past 3 years) but it fizzled. However, one kid is going to public school and the other family sort of flaked on us. I am left in the lurch here.

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Credit wise for a traditional school, you are not in bad shape. Most schools only require 3 social studies credits, geography OR world history (1 cr.), US History (1 cr.), Government (1/2 cr.) and Economics (1/2 cr.). Your 20th century would fill the first slot, and he has already completed 1 semester of US. And still two years to go! You might even be able to make a credit from all of the other reading he has done.


No need for that drink!!!

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