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The new Sherlock from the BBC

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Has anyone else watched them? (You'd most likely have to be stalking Youtube to do so as they haven't been released in the US yet.) It's Sherlock and Watson, but in modern day London. Those of you who love the stories will probably enjoy seeing the modern twists. For example, it isn't the tell-tale watch with scratches, but the tell-tale cell phone.


The opening to the most recent one had my oldest two and I laughing so hard we couldn't hear. We went back and watched it two more times for the fun of it.


It opens with Sherlock sitting across from a man who has been arrested for murder. The man is telling his story. At first it seems Sherlock is upset over the details he's hearing, but it becomes quite clear it's the man's grammar that is annoying Sherlock greatly! :smilielol5:


We were happy to read today that they are going to make more episodes.

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We've seen the first 3 episodes and it's awesome. I wasn't convinced when I heard about it, but we're hooked. 1 and 3 are really great so far...the actors are superb, although I have a different image in my mind of Mycroft so the looks of some characters are "off" a bit to me, but the acting makes up for that!

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We're sunk...first it's Dr. Who, then it's Robin Hood, oh and Merlin of course, and now another excellent BBC production? We've run through all the miniseries and great 18th century series...we've seen all the Sherlocks from the 1940's on Netflix...so guess we'll have to get sucked in again...love BBC productions! :)


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