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Cheap Online printer/copy source for e-books?

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I'm looking to print out all my picture studies, e-book maps, notebooking pages and timeline pictures and I really need to outsource this since my printer uses so much expensive ink! Does anybody have a cheap online source for this (instead of Staples or Office Depot, which I find kind of spendy)? I also have a huge Shiller math file for my youngest (over 300 pages), so I'd love to have a color option with the same source, if possible.


I would be so grateful!


PS I'm having all this printed so I can "file" it in my crate. I love this board, but that one thread has had me "filing" for 2 weeks now! :)

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Do you have a local UPS store? They are the cheapest around here. I had an employee tell me that you can email stuff to the manager for printing, but I haven't asked him yet. I could buy 500 copies for $25, but someone on here said they were able to buy 1000 for $40, which is even cheaper.

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This may not be what you're looking for, but I was just at Staples today, checking out their Color Laser All-In-Ones, and they had a $500 color laser aio for half off! It was originally $500, now it's only $250. Plus, bring your old printer in and get $50 off immediately. So basically, an awesome color laser all-in-one for just $200. Laser cartridges last such a long time for us, so it's just something to consider, you'd have unlimited color prints in the convenience of your own home.

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