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Chronological History & Excellence in Literature

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Hi Everyone,


Still working on ideas for high school. I know this does not follow WTM or any classical program modeled after WM, but I have a question. Does history have to be studied chronologically? I have been assessing dd's strengths and weaknesses and feel that the majority of her high school work needs to focus on reading, discussing and writing literature. Combined with math, science, Latin, other composition assignments as well as daily voice and violin practice, I need to streamline her literature and history work. I like SWB's high school, but dd does not have the maturity to begin with the ancients. Plus, I definitely need help with this approach. With that in mind, I took at second look at Excellence in Literature and realized it is exactly what I want. Do you think it's possible to use Excellence... as the core for everything? I spoke with the author today, and she said that is exactly what she did. She anchored everything with a timeline and reading from Spielvogel. By the time, the student has worked through the five years of Excellence..., studied the various authors and time periods and logged everything into a timeline, the big scope of history and literature connect. Any thoughts?


Btw, I appreciate all the suggestions offered thus far.



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I think this would work especially well if you started in 7th grade in order to work through all of them (or only use the last three levels if you are starting in 9th.)


7th - general/skill-based history and lit (EIL level 1)

8th - general/skill-based history and lit (EIL level 2)


9th - American history and lit (EIL Level 3)

10th - European history/Brit lit (EIL Level 4)

11th - World history and lit (EIL Level 5)

12th - Government and Economics


This is how my high school history and literature was set up (back when I was in school.) You could even pursue AP status for each of the history levels - AP US History, AP European History, AP World History, AP US Government and AP Micro or Macro Economics.

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