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Holt Biology, Tx version vs. others?

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Do any of you know the difference between the Tx version of Holt Biology and just plain Holt Biology?


We are using the OM biology course and I am deciding whether to buy the 2005 book or the TX 2004 book on Amazon. Will either of these work with the OM syllabus?



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It depends on whether or not they reordered the chapters or the sections within the chapters.


Sometimes the only difference between state versions is that pages have been added at the end of each chapter with questions from that state's testing program (TAKS in Texas).


I had the 2006 edition of Holt Biology and it matched up page-for-page with the 2004 edition that the syllabus was written for. I was going to link you to it on amazon, but it's $58 used now (I only paid $12).


According to my Holt Biology catalog, the 2004 edition ISBN is 978-0-030-66473-1.


There's a copy on amazon for just $18 (plus $4 shipping) that's like new. There are cheaper copies too, but they are listed as just acceptable.



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