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Dh has had health issues-will we be able to get life insurance?

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I know NOTHING about life insurance! At dh's last job (for 14 years), he got 7x his salary for life insurance so we were ok. But during that employment, he had a fairly mild heart attack (age 48). Now he was laid off from that company and with a new company, so he has to put all his health info in.

1. Can they deny him life insurance?

2. How can I learn more about life insurance we can get that won't break the bank?


I'm very worried about this as a single-income homeschool family with no savings. I would have to go back to school to get some skill to support us. And if anything happens to him, all we'd have financially is our house that we could sell!


He is very head-in-the-sand about all this, so I need to try to get some information to present him. Thanks!

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I researched this not too long ago. My dh has diabetes. What I found was that life insurance that is not part of a group policy gets VERY expensive when you have a health condition like this. Life insurance with a group policy is not necessarily the same way but the best answer is probably "it depends on the policy his work has". I did find that there are some lower policies (for around $50,000) that you can get through AARP or AAA if you have memberships with either of those organizations, that do not require a medical check.

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