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Sliding shorts (softball)

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Any softball players?? DD10 is playing for an ASA team this year and needs some sliding shorts. Where is the best place to get them?? I've seen some online marked as "girl's", are they only different from "boy's" because they don't have a cup pocket? Does she need girl specific ones??

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go to a sports store like academy, sports authority, etc. they'll have everything you could possibly need and be able to answer all your questions. having young boys in baseball, i'd assume the only real difference would be the pocket for the cup for the younger kids. as you get into the teen years, they may be cut a little differently to allow for "hips" on the girls.

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If your only sports store doesn't have them at the price you want, are you wanting to buy online? Just for perspective, we usually pay about $20-35 for dd's. We usually get ours at Big 5, but it sounds like you don't have one of those. If you shop online, Sports Authority has some. As far as difference between boys and girls, obviously there is no cupie hole, and I believe there is actually more padding on the outside thigh and hip (w/o being bulky), but she won't need specific ones unless the girls play in shorts and in that case you should check with the coach to tell you which color and if there is a specific brand they want you to buy. Each team is different.

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