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I'm a doggie homeschool failure, bringing in outside help.

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Don't be silly -


I've paid a number of people to look at my dogs & give me a hand with certain issues & I've also benefited hugely from free advice given generously by some big name trainers on msg boards etc.


I've paid some stiff fees for private assessments, & I also go to classes lots (& seminars)- even if it's stuff I could be doing at home alone, there are lots of benefits to working with someone else.


We all need help & sometimes we just can't see our way past what we're doing.


I can tell you the solution to the pulling but it's one that I can tell you right off I have a hard time with b/e it takes an investment of time & I'm the world's most impatient trainer. I don't just want it now, I want it yesterday!




This is my complaint: boohooo - I can't walk my dogs together! I need to do something different! But I wanna go to the park! I wanna do what is easy!!!! waaawaaawaaaa, & here I have a tantrum. :lol: But Sue is right.


Someone - I think actually it was also Sue - says 'don't complain, train'. I like to complain for a long time before I finally go 'Oh FINE THEN! I'll train it!' and flounce off in a huff.


I should probably have a shirt made:


"No, I don't really want to fix it. I just want to ***** about it!"

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Being a tree doesn't work here, she is quite stubborn, I stand there and repeat "outlast her" - LOL.


Sue says the tree doesn't work. Penalty yards work. You only do the tree part at the very beginning, just to get them started - but yeah, you have to be patient those first few times to outlast her.


After that, you penalty yard like this




With my insane setter (bird? bird! BIRD! BIRD!!!!), I spent a lot of time walking through the door. He does rally competition heeling indoors perfectly & his brain falls out the moment we get outside.


So I spend a lot of time heeling past a door barely propped open, then more open (with a screen), then right open, then outside for two steps & right back in, over & over & over again until I could get him to work in the backyard. Then the side yard & the driveway.


It's NUTS. I have trained huskyX foster & my malamute to walk on loose leash in less than a month but the setter is taking for.ever. I know why though - I keep wrecking it bcause of the "I wanna's" and the reality that I cannot walk them all separately because I do not have 1.5 h in the morning & another 1.5h in the evening to do it.....



Have you read Sue's article about Song & the Sheep? It's a short read but I think really shows that we have to be determined that from now on, it's going to be different.


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