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Natural Speller - anyone use this?

Wee Pip

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Like it, love it, hate it, loathe it? Or is it just OK?

FTR, I'm not looking for anything exceptional. Just want some word lists to pull from - I like how it's listed by grade level and spelling rule. I've waffled this year from doing no spelling whatsoever to going through Spell to Write and Read (already own it). The kids specifically asked for spelling "because it's easy" LOL. And *I* need easy this year (1yo on the verge of walking around here tearing up the place).

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I have it. I am not currently using it. It wavers somewhere between ok and like it in my mind. I look at it and I feel like there is not "enough" there but there actually is a boatload of info in a fairly thin, very inexpensive book. From what you seem to be looking for I do not think it would disappoint.

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My son is only working on a 1st/2nd grade level, so we only use it a little bit. But I look forward to implementing more of the suggestions as he gets older. I'm a big non-consumables fan, so I like that with a pretty inexpensive book and a little effort on my part, I've got a spelling program that will take all four of my kids through several years.

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We use it. We were burning through workbook style spelling programs and my older dd was getting sick of having lists of words that she already knew, but loved the puzzles etc.


So we use it like this: we test 10 or so words a day and any they miss go on a list. When the list has 15 or so words (only 10 words for my younger dd) they study those and I make puzzles with them for fun practice. They love hangman as a practice game as well.


dd13 finished the book a while ago and I am now pulling words from her MCT vocab books.


It has worked very well for us.

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I love it! Have used it for 3 yrs now. I now have an 8th grader, 5th grader and 1st grader. I simply create a binder at the beginning of the year with tabs, List Words, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & Tests.


The beginning of the binder has 2 pages:

1st page has the daily activities for that grade level, ex.:

1st grade:

Day 1: Write each word three times,

Day 2: Alphabetize the word,

Day 3 Write a Sentence for each word

Day 4 is the Test.

2nd Page: A copy of How To Study A Word found in the Natural Speller


That way, each year I can copy the list words for their grade level and insert in that portion of the binder, (I number the columns by week so they know what list words for the week of school we are in.) change the daily activities (the oldest adds prefixes and suffixes to words) and I can easily check their progress, weekly! A little work for me before school starts and then they have 10min or so of work each day.


Since I have used this program and not a workbook type of program like MCP, their spelling has improved. Simple, old fashioned repetition has really helped.


Dianna Williams

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