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HELP!! Conceptual Chemistry or...

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First, I want to say I'm (obviously) a newbie here, and I've found SOO many helpful posts and threads. I have a math-challenged dd starting 10th grade, and based on everything I've read here, I was intending to use Conceptual Chemistry. Everything else seemed to need a little more math than I think she can handle (although I'd love input on that too...)


Anyway, I've emailed twice to the author, other the past week and a half or so, and heard NOTHING. Is there something magic I need to do? We have a PSP that we are affiliated with, but they don't work with us on curriculum, so I don't have an official email to work from, but they do give us id's, which I copied and sent him. I don't know if he's just not around, or...??? anyway, I'm desperate to figure this out - either I get access to his website teacher resources, or I have to change curriculum, and I don't know what to change TO.


Can you tell I'm stressing? I need some hive mind wisdom!

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I will be using Conceptual Chemistry this fall, and I'm SO excited! The textbook looks great, and there are two websites that go along with it (at no extra charge) with lots of video clips, tutorials, worksheets, quizzes).


I have emailed the author twice, and he emailed me back both times almost immediately, with very long and helpful advice. I am surprised he didn't email you back. Perhaps he is not getting yours, or perhaps he is on a family vacation or something.


We have a unique circumstance in that we will be living out of a hotel for the next several months while my husband is hospitalized. I wanted to make sure this is a course that could be done in that setting. He recommended a lab book to go along with it that is not high-tech lab but very kitchen-friendly -- even in a hotel room. :)


Perhaps you could try emailing him from a friend's mail program in case yours is going to his spam folder, or just wait a bit in case he is on vacation.


I think it looks like a terrific program.

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That's encouraging. I'm loving that you are so excited after having the book in hand. The availability of all the website resources was a big plus for me, and what I saw of the text looked good, but you're making me more eager to get going on this. I have actually tried two different email addresses for the author - from different places on his website. Do you happen to remember which one you used that got you such a great response?


I will definitely try your suggestion of using a different email address (my husband has one), but you may be right that he's on vacation.


I'm sorry to hear about your husband - I hope all goes well for him and your family.

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I had to e-mail him a couple of times as well before I got a password. When he contacted me, he said that he had sent a reply to the first e-mail, but he had gotten an error. (?) He answered my second e-mail within a few days and was very helpful. The last time I was on the website, the teacher resource area that included the Chapter Highlight answers and Concept Builder answers was not finished yet. I had to order the TM from the publisher - it was around $20 including shipping.



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thanks everybody. I feel hugely better - I'm using the right email address, so I'm going to try sending from a different email address, but then be patient in case he's on vacation (just because I'm about to start school doesn't mean everybody else is, right?) That's one of the reasons we homeschool, right - flexibility?


Thanks again...

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