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What are your favorite resources for introducing literary devices to your high school student? My son has had a haphazard intro to literature analysis- terms introduced here, and others introduced there. I need to shore up that knowledge but I'm not looking for a semester or yearlong full literature curriculum because I've got a literature plan already. It does teach about literary devices, but in context. However, I would like to do something like a 9 week unit that explicitly introduces all the major devices at once. I'm looking for a book I can use as a spine for such a study.


Here's the rub: ds is dyslexic and has visual processing challenges. A book that is very dense with text running straight across the pages w/little white space is going to be hard for him to process. A layout that breaks up text with things like section headings and bullet point lists will be received best.


Do any of you have anything on your shelves that fits this description?

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

Teaching the Classics has a DVD and syllabus (with the syllabus being for the teacher). The student could watch the DVD with the parent or the parent could watch the DVD and then teach the student. Either way, the student isn't the one doing the reading.

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