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Venting - I'm in a really foul mood.

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Sunday we woke up to find that my 16 year old Border Collie had died during the night. He was laying in his spot...had apparently died in his sleep. My husband went out to empty the back of the van to transport him to the vet for cremation and discovered that someone had shot the back window of our van out. We found a spent .22 casing. Later in the day my crazy neighbor called me and left a message that she needed to discuss with me the man that has been knocking on her door for over a year. She is a horrible neighbor; she has called the police on us 4 times. All for things the police have told us we are either not responsible for or that we aren't doing anything wrong. I suppose she wants to blame me for the man knocking on her door. I guess I should expect the police to be showing up soon. I want to move so badly. We gave up 175 acres to move to CO and when that didn't work out we ended up back here in this neighborhood. Bad choices and unforeseeable circumstances stink!


I hate that my dog died. I hate living in this neighborhood. I hate my neighbor. I hate not being able to move.


I hate having so much hate in my heart and I can't seem to get rid of it.


I know I have so much to be thankful for and that so many people would be happy to only have these problems. So, why can't I get past it? I'm normally easy going, happy and optimistic. My motto is "It is what it is". Right now I can't find any of that. Usually when something happens in my life that I am unhappy with I can fix it or change it. I can't fix any of these things and that makes me angry.


Get me out of this mood!

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I am sorry that your dog died that is horrible. :grouphug::grouphug:


I wish I could offer help with the crazy neighboor all I can say is get a plate of cookies ready for the police meet them outside so she can see you are becoming friendly with them and mabye she will get bored with you and move on.


On the shooting out of your window, that would have me calling the police. Not that it will do much good other than to document the incident.


If you can maybe take today to just be a family. Stay in jammies and watch movies all day or play board games.


Hope you are feeling more centered sooner than later. Wishing you peaceful thoughts.:grouphug:

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We've had a season of challenges like you. I'm sorry. It's NO fun. The best remedy for me is the old-fashioned "Count your Blessings one by one" - that old song. There have even been times when I've written down all that God has done for us- for the general revealed blessings (salvation, His constant presence, etc....) to the personal blessings (wonderful dh, 5 children, employment, the fact that the septic issue didn't turn out to be a $5K repair but only a minor, but VERY frustrating repair and a church where we can fellowship and learn at, etc...) It doesn't make the hard stuff go away but it helps me to keep an eye on the 'big' picture , as God sees it all, and I'm able to rest in His sovereignty.

Hope it will get better for all of you. Blessings to you.

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I'm so sorry about your dog!!! It seems so unfair when you're already dealing with bad things that you can't change (like your idiot neighbor,) and then something really awful happens that you can't change, like your dog dying.


It could push anyone over the edge into feeling hateful and angry.


I think that what you're feeling is perfectly normal, and it's very difficult to put things back into perspective sometimes. When you're used to being in control, solving problems, and knowing what to do to fix things then something goes wrong, it can be totally overwhelming to have to face the fact that sometimes you can't control everything. When you're usually a relatively lucky person and things usually go your way, and then all of a sudden, nothing seems to be going your way, it's no wonder it feels like someone pulled the rug out from under you!


I don't have a great solution for you, except to suggest that you focus on doing something especially nice or fun with your family, and that you take the time to grieve for your dog. Also, realize that what you're feeling is normal, and that it's also temporary. Sure, you can't get rid of the neighbor and you can't move right now, but you if you have a happy and healthy family, that's all that really matters in the long run.


And one more thing -- keep talking about what's bothering you, whether it's with your dh, a friend, your family, or here on the forums, because it's so much healthier to get things off your chest, than it is to hold your feelings inside. Sometimes, just talking about things can make them easier to bear.


We're here for you, Aime! :grouphug:



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I, too, have been having some hate feelings lately. It doesn't feel good. Praise God some personal things in our family have gotten better and settled down. I am trying to be thankful for that. However, there are day to day things in my life that just aggravate me to no end.


I hope things improve in some way, and that you are able to find some positives to perk you up!!



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Thanks to everyone. We did call the police about the van window. They didn't seem overly concerned.:confused:


My dog was with me for longer than my kids have been with me. I'm glad he went peacefully. I've had pets in the past that I had to make the decision to have them put down for cancer and one had kidney failure. This way was easier on my conscience but still hard emotionally. He helped me raise my children. I miss him.


I don't like feeling like this. I usually don't...I think that is why it's so hard. I usually shake things off easily and just keep moving on. Maybe my hormones are starting to get wacky.:001_huh: Maybe I need to go clean something. Maybe I need to go throw some dog poo on my neighbor's porch.:tongue_smilie: Not that I ever would but it makes me smile to think about it...does that make me a bad person? You know what is crazy about that situation? After the first two times she called the police on us about noise we weren't even making, she came over and asked if I could get her mail for her for a few days because she was going out of town. I said yes. (Yes, I'm an idiot.) After that she called the police two other times for similar reasons. I haven't spoken directly with her since. I even sent her a certified letter telling her that she was not allowed on my property. I've blocked her calls but she keeps calling from other phone numbers. :confused: I don't use the term crazy lightly. She doesn't call all the time...just enough to keep me on edge. And it's not always to complain. Sometimes she calls to ask if I can get her mail again or if I can water her plants (she leaves messages). C-R-A-Z-Y.


Thanks for letting me vent here. I don't discuss it with hubby because he has a high stress job and doesn't need anymore stress. It's nice to be able to spill it all.

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I only have :grouphug: about your bc & the traditional farewell to departed bc's


"That'll Do. Good Boy."


Oh, you had to go and say that, didn't you? Now I'm all weepy. :crying:


OP- :grouphug: I am so sorry! I have a 15 yr old bc/sheltie, and I'm praying that her time comes quietly and peacefully in the night, in her spot by our bed. It's never easy to say goodbye, but that's better than having to put them down.


:grouphug: about the neighbor and the van, too. I hope things are looking brighter tomorrow!

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