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Trivial, I know, but I just finished our organic pumpkin that was frozen into a pie!!

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Every fall I buy several organic pie pumpkins and make pumpkin pie and save the rest.


I bake the pumpkin and scoop out the pumpkin "meat", put in food processor then freeze what we want to pull out later to use. I only froze enough for 2 pies over the year from last fall. I just pulled out the last bag and made a "homemade" pumpkin pie from scratch this past weekend and we're enjoying eating it in mid-August!!! :D Along with the pie I whip up real "whipped cream topping" to go with the pie and zest "fresh" cinammon from sticks onto the topping.


OK, there you have it. It's trivial I know, but thought it was fun we were eating "real" pumpkin pie in mid-August. Yippee!


Sheryl <><

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I totally understand! I love pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, etc. I plant organic pumpkins and every year my six year old son and I battle squash bugs. He thinks this is the best entertainment. He starts talking about squashing squash bugs the minute the pumpkins are planted. Last year we lost the battle big time and had to buy our pumpkins at the farmers market. This year he told me he is making a pesticide--which no one should ever drink. :001_huh: The thing is he is quite the science dude so we definitely aren't going to drink it or use it on the pumpkins.


My favorite for pumpkin pie is an Australian pumpkin--which doesn't look like our traditional pumpkins at all. Enjoy your pumpkin pie!



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Tori, How cool is that...growing your own pumpkins!! Pie pumpkins, right? I've not heard of an Australian pie pumpkin...but will keep my eyes open for it. How does the flavor compare.


Thanks for sharing. It's almost pumpkin season again, YEA!! :D

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