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Helping the literal

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My kids really struggle with questions that require them to put things in "their own words" Or" ask for specific answers from the reading yet a simple very literal answer seems more fitting. EX: yesterday's reading in science was about lungs oxygen ect. The question was "Why is it so dangerous to hold your breath?" My 8yr old answered you could die. Not what they were looking for. So I asked a few more specific questions and of course she got it clear. But this is the problem she had on the state testing and her scores were low just enough to pass. Any advice on how I can help them with this?

Also The kids also struggle with memory so multiplication tables are a issue. Any great tricks to help with this ? Thank you in advance for any help.

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Have you tried using Writing With Ease? It's helped my son be able to summarize things into his own words, although it's still a struggle. No advice on the mult. facts. We're right here with you, although I admit this summer we haven't worked very hard on them.



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