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Need help with a name ideas for non-profit org

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We are planning on incorporating as a non-profit and using the profits and donations to give away DVDs of our phonics lessons to those that cannot afford them, especially groups like prisoners and inner city children. The first step is choosing a good name.


Anyway, it seems that if you choose something that someone else has for a name, you can get sued, so our main goal in choosing the name is to not get sued. However, we also want a name that isn't horrible. But, we'll go with average and not getting sued over great and a possibility of a lawsuit. (We're incorporating in Idaho, and can search their database to make sure we don't conflict with anything in Idaho, but with a website with a national presence, anyone in any state can choose to sue you. You can Google to try to rule out things that other people have used, but you can never be sure, you can just try to pick something that is not popular.)


We also want something general enough that we can branch off from phonics into math if need be, or even Christian education, perhaps something along the lines of khouse, when my husband retires.


We plan on keeping our phonics website as is, but adding a broad ministry website with the new name that is streamlined and more idiot proof.


Any name ideas would be appreciated, the more the merrier. And, obscure literary references and foreign words would be even better! Everything we have thought up so far is either taken or sounds bad. (For example, I liked Logos Lyceum but my husband thought it sounded like a disease. It is, however, not taken!)



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It actually won't be geared towards homeschoolers, though. They are a small percentage of the people who need help reading. (Although they are more interested in it percentage wise!)


The focus will be adults and older children who need phonics help, then eventually phonics DVDs for young children.


Next, we may add in remedial math education, but again, not homeschool specific.

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Open Book


or maybe, as an allusion to your faith


Open the Book




HELP - Hope with Elizabeth's Lessons in Phonics :001_smile:


I was trying to think of something that would be easy & that I could imagine an inmate or a disadvantaged person saying. Things like Logos Lyceum would be too intimidating for them, kwim? Esp if they have literacy issues which they do if they need your materials...

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