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The universe has it in for me today

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Today was pretty bad for me today too and it has been a little while since I had a bad one...

Meltdown. Sent myself to my room.

It will get better. I know it might be a little chilly and daylight where you are, but some star gazing tonight helped me, and we saw some shooting stars...

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There's a pretty big one out in the desert there. It'd take everyone a good week to find you under there.




Had lunch out the back and soaked up some Vit D, surprisingly managed not to step in dog doo, get stung by a bee or have a cow drop from the sky and squash me :lol: Things are looking up :tongue_smilie:


Kids having some quiet time now then hopefully we will be on the home straight as long as i manage not to burn the house down cooking dinner tonight everything will be fine.


Thanks for the hugs.

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