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Help with Video Blog Title...

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For DD's(14) freshman year, I am requiring a year long project. She has decided to do a video blog...along the lines of

, but with a bit more *content :lol:


She is trying to come up with a name for the video blog, but is having a hard time being creative. She originally came up with Confessions of an "Un-Socialized" Homeschooler...but You Tube says the title is too long.



She intends on answering questions about homeschooling. She would also like to get her friends involved so they can compare homescooling in other families as well as homechooling verses regular schooling...ect.


Any creative types want to help her come up with a snazzy name? Also, she was wondering if any of you (or your kids) have ideas on what her first couple of "shows" should be about. She is hoping that after doing a few, questions will start to come in...ideas?

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