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Need an electric skillet without teflon.....

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but I don't want my food sticking, LOL! Just in case you want to know what I usually cook in one......fresh salmon, risotto, chicken with cream cheese sauce, etc.


I want one large enough to hold a whole piece of fresh salmon, LOL! I also want it to heat evenly throughout the pan.


The one I have is a cheap one that is rectangular (I would rather have a square one) and the teflon on mine is starting to bubble and peel off.....yuck!


Any ideas?



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I have my Grandma's electric skillet which was before teflon. Things will stick unless you add a little oil or butter or if you cook in a liquid. But overall, sticking is not a problem. So maybe you should look for an older electric skillet. We got tired of regular skillets that had teflon and had it chip/scratch/peel. We invested in calphon. It really holds up. I wonder if they make a electric skillet.

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