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A sampling of our informal math lessons for the K4 crowd.


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I thought I'd share an example of a fairly spontaneous, informal math lesson I did with my 4yo today.


We have an activity box with sandpaper numerals, Lauri number puzzles (1-10), some cuisenaire rods, dice, and some 10x10cm grids on paper for free use.


My 4yo declared it was his turn for math...so I reminded him how we wait our turn and don't interrupt (We WILL learn *this* lesson be Christmas!:tongue_smilie:). Then I brought out this math box after I wrapped up ds7's math.


I let him choose a number from the Lauri puzzles. He chose 4 (That is HIS age afterall...:tongue_smilie:). I put away the other number puzzles and asked what animal he saw on the 4 puzzle. FISH! I asked him to count the fish, and he did. Then I told him that the fish were hungry and pulled out a handful of white cuisenaire rods and told him they were fish food (Yummy! LOL). So he fed the fish and matched up a white rod to each fish on the puzzle. "How many pieces of food did the fish eat?" - he counted again - 4. "Very good", I said. "We need a place to store our fish food for the next meal...which rod can hold 4 pieces?" He found he could line up 4 white rods across a purple rod.


I pulled out the 4 sandpaper numeral and showed him the strokes for writing a 4, and he practiced that a few times (he likes the feel of the sandpaper). Then he played around putting paper on top of the sandpaper 4 and coloring on top to make an imprint...then he wanted to trace the puzzle pieces to make 4's...then he wanted to trace the little fish to make a picture to color...I let him do all this on his own while I moved on to work with another dc.


We don't do math like this every day (if we get 3 math lessons per week, I'm happy!), but today was so *ideal* that I had to share.:001_smile:

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That sounds great! I need to do more stuff like that with my 3yo (almost 4). Though it appears he's learning a ton without my even teaching it to him; yesterday he did dot-to-dot's that had the numbers 1-10 and he insisted that he did not need my help. I had no idea he recognized all the numbers, but he did great! Then he asked me how to spell "fish" and he wrote all the letters correctly! I'm thinking "WHEN did he learn to do that???" But anyway, since he's a sponge these days, your post has inspired me to make sure I'm spending some more time with him. (That seems to help his behavior too...)

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Yep! That's it.


lotsofpumpkins - Your (almost) 4yo is ahead of mine...mine wants to do dot-to-dots, but thinks the order is optional.:tongue_smilie: We are working on it though...he's just happy to have his "maff" too.:001_wub:

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