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Practicing reading and writing cursive--questions

Chris in VA

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Dd is headed to 5th in ps and needs practice reading in cursive and writing, too. We did the basics of letter formation, but she doesn't have fluency/speed yet, and IDK if they require her to use it totally yet (but I'll find out when we see the principal later this week).


So, should I just write out some passages for her for every day? Is there anything online that's already written out? We used Horizons Penmanship today, but I need maybe a page or two a day for her to read. Ideas?

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I just googled "cursive handwriting samples" - there were many examples of actual people's handwriting in different styles. You might try that to give your dd practice in reading. You might also have friends and relatives write her letters in cursive for more reading practice,


For her to practice writing, I would find out what program the school uses. There are so many different programs, I think it would be easier for her to learn just 1, rather than you start her on 1 style and then she might have to unlearn that and start over with something else.


Best wishes.

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