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What can you tell me about Rod and Staff Bible?


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I am interested in using this for 3rd and 5th grade. I would like us all to do it together. What do you thing about the 5th grader doing the 3rd grader book also? My kids don't use the KJV (not opposed to it, just felt NIV was easier for them to read), would they have problems with this?

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I love R&S's Bible, but I wouldn't try to have a 3rd grader do the 5th grade workbook... unless you do it out loud together or they are very advanced. Here are some sample pages. It would be a lot of reading/writing for most 3rd graders.




My oldest are two years apart, so I can understand the desire to combine. As previously noted, the 3rd grade is reading/bible. Instead of using a Bible to look information up they would use the reader- stories written on a third grade level (advanced 3rd grade).



Depending on what you have done previously your 5th grader might actually learn quite a bit from the 3rd grade program. There are some phonics sections if I recall correctly, but you could skip them. We love the readers and the Bible program at our house.

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I am using R&S Bible Grade 5 this year. DS seems to be enjoying it. We do a story per week. I use a Holman Christian Study Bible (which doesn't seem to fall under any 'translation" per se) and haven't had a problem.


I am also using R&S Reading Grade 5 this year. It is MUCH harder than the Bible.

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