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Do you have experience with Kindle?

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Thanks. I was hoping you would reply!


Me? Really? How funny when I feel rather "anonymous" since I am relatively new here! Thank you!


If you get a Kindle, will you report back on how it works? We are going round and round on this (dh is voting for an iPad.... but honestly, he is looking for ANY reason to get one).

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Yes. You. It doesn't matter that you are relatively new. You have contributed a lot of insight and helpful information.


In The Mislabeled Child, I read about WriteOut Loud. I'm looking for that which I can afford and will help my ds14 that I homeschool. Any opinions on writeoutloud.


Was your child evaluated by the authors of said book?


I went to the link on Kindle. It looks good for what I want. I will let you know if we get it.

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Well, thank you! You have made my day!


Anyhow, I do not know much about writeOutloud. I have glanced at it, someone in my homeschool group use a speech to text processor (not sure which one) with their dyslexic high school aged child, and it is their intent to have their kid go on to college. So clearly, this is a strategy others are using.


Indeed the authors evaluated my son. We live in the area, so it was a reasonable choice for us, especially with their latest interest in dyslexia. Have you checked out their new dyslexia website?

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The dictionary function on the iPad is easier to use, but I don't like its text to speech voice as much, here is a video of it:




We love our iPad!! I got it mainly for books, but use it more for other things. (I read books on it, too, though.)


There are a lot of cool educational apps for the iPad.

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

One thing to consider (which is a make or break for us) is the screen. My dd could never use the shiny screen of the iPad. She needs the non-glare ink type screen on dedicated book readers.

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