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A week without video games/computer games...

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We did it!! We survived without an Xbox, computer games..I even quit Facebook (well, took a siesta until our first semester is complete)...our kids don't own ipods and we also cut out DS's...


I just wanted to share that this past week has been a lesson for me..our family has been greatly helped by this...no one ever asked to play anything, they kept themselves busy with books, swimming, outside play, we all got lots more exercise in, because now we had the time we never seemed to have...the kids spent more time talking with each other and we all had fun playing games together without a screen...I know this is all something we know, but for us it was becoming a habit that was consuming our free time (all of us) and weakening our strengths as individuals and as a family...


We may get to the point of offering it again, but we'll start out just a few days a week maybe, I'm finding the less we have it the more we DO...and we really don't need all the down time we spent on those things...even checking boards..so starting Monday, I've committed to only use the computer for research for my writing classes and for the kids school work (typing lessons, Rosetta Stone etc.)


Just wanted to encourage others who were considering dropping electronics from their life....it is refreshing and a gift.



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Way to go!! We went TV free for 2 years...what pulled us back in was college football...and I hate to admit it, we love family movie night and reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond...they just make us laugh!


So, we're trying to get back to less screen anything...we only have one hour a day, but it became such a hassle of having to tell them to get off and that "one more minute" stuff...


You're doing the BEST thing in my book, we don't have that much self-control..so we have to check ourselves every now and then! :)



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