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Is there an app to track my son's ipod touch usage?

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I'm not interested in how much time he's listening to music, but how much time he's playing games, emailing, etc... Safari is locked, so he can't surf the net. But I think the amt. of time he says he spends is way less than he actually spends. I don't necessarily think he's dishonest, just not realistic.

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If you are open to related feedback, not just the answer to your question.........


How old is he?

Is he appropriately playing, engaging with in person others, spending time reading, outside, chores, school, activities and friends? Are there settings in which you don't allow the Ipod Touch? Does he use it courteously, in other words, not while conversing with others, at a restaurant, etc?

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My advice depends on age.


A ten-year-old? You control the charger.


A fifteen-year-old? You enforce appropriate social manners (no texting at the table, no hiding in your room with the iPod when Grandma is visiting, no skipping out on regular family activities), but other than that it's hands-off as he learns to manage his screen time.

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