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Blood pressure question

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How much change in blood pressure is "normal" for a person over a 2 week period? Does it matter if both readings fall within the "good" range?


A couple of weeks ago, mine was 100/60 - my usual. Today, it was 120/67. Still fine, but the difference is bothering me. Am I just being crazy?


(And why in the world am I so full of anxiety NOW, in my 5th pregnancy? :001_huh:)

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It can change based on how much water you drank, how much current stress is going on, how much salt you are consuming, etc. It can also changed based on time of day!


:iagree:, how tired you are, and many other things. And, once you have taken your pressure, you shouldn't take it again for maybe 20-30 minutes so that can affect it as well.

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I have hypertension. Mine fluctuates ALL the time. Some days I take it, and it is so low. Like 105/60. Then I will have a day where it is 140/88.


BP is all over the place.


I am on medication. They even had to cut mine back, because it got REALLY low.


The best way to get an accurate reading is to sit for at least five minutes. Have the cuff at heart level. Feet flat on the floor, and palm up. Make sure you can get at least two fingers under the cuff.


Take your reading. Disregard the first. Wait 3 minutes, take a second reading. Again wait 3 minutes, take a third. Average the last two readings and that is your BP.


Sounds like you have great blood pressure to me.

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