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Keeping Your Vision for Homeschooling ~


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I just posted some thoughts on my blog regarding this and it will also be the topic of our upcoming local homeschool meeting, so I was wondering. . .and would love to hear from others on the topic. . .What do you do to help maintain your vision for homeschooling? How do you keep your motivation fresh? Your energy and focus renewed? Etc.






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I have three things I do. 1. Read, even if just a little every day I need to read something that excites and inspires me, gives me vision, renews my hope. 2. Help, I get a lot of encouragement from helping others because it reminds me where I have been and why I chose to use what ever curriculum I am using now. 3. Me time. I have to set aside some time to recharge or I am no good at being mom or teacher.


Last year and the next couple will most likely be my hardest. I have had to be very honest with myself about my ideals, which are always too high, and what really needs to get done. I had to do a lot of letting go of what I hopped to do and get down to the nitty gritty of what has to be done. This year I am treating HS much more like a job, keeping it in certain hours and not letting it spill into night time like I was doing. That was fun when I didn't have to do it, but it slowly changed. I was trying to keep up with my high ideals and it because a have to. I started to burn out. Letting go will allow me to go the distance.


I have also discovered there are a lot of little things I can pay my kids to do instead of doing them myself. Takes weight off my shoulders while still allowing some of the stuff I don't have time for anymore. :D



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