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Help me choose....play kitchen

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We already have a small Kidcraft play kitchen. It barely fits dd3 right now, and she will be 'on her knees' height by next year (she is the size of a 5/6 now).


I found a Lakeshore learning kitchen for $100. IT is in used by good condition. The only thing I don't like about it, is that it is Heavy...really heavy!


We don't have a toy room, and her play kitchen is set up in the back of our dining room. I often move it and vacuum under it. With the Lakeshore one, I won't be moving it anytime soon, but since it fits tight to the floor, I shouldn't need to move it around anyways.



WWYD? I like the Lakeshore Learning kitchen because they are virtually indestructible and dd3 is a bit rough on things. It will fit her longer. and it has a nice setup, double the length of the one we have now.

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Back when money was plentiful, I bought a play kitchen through Hearth Song. It has a slot to slide your hand into so the kitchen can be moved. Pricey but light. Back when money was scarce, I made a play kitchen for my son out of cardboard boxes. I made a pull for the oven, colored the burners, and made a fake fire out of red cellophane wrapping paper. Thinking back on it, my son played more with the kitchen we made together than my DD plays with the kitchen I bought.

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