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Could you share what books your 6YO boy enjoys reading, please?

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We are making our way through the Grimm fairytales as well as the first Harry Potter book, but I am reading those to him (with him reading a paragraph to me when asked). I am looking for book suggestions that he will enjoy reading himself entirely. His reading ability is above Dr. Seuss, Danny the Dinosaur type books, but not quite at Mouse and the the Motorcycle level yet. I just got "Miss Daisy is Crazy!" for him and it looks just right...


If you could share what your kids around this age loved, it would be greatly appreciated (did a search with no success). Thank you.

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Over and over again..


My Father's Dragon..(Ruth Giles Stannet sp?)..get the book with all of them in it..kids LOVED it!!! I probably had it memorized at some point..I'll never look at tangerines the same way.


Battle for the Castle (too much for him to read, but great as a read aloud)


Skippy John Jones...cute story and fun to read!


All the Tomie DePaolo books...


All the D'Aulaire books


Holling C Holling books..



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If you're open to picture books, you might look at some by Kevin Henkes. Owen, Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, Chrysanthemum, and Chester's Way come to mind. The characters are all mice, and some characters appear in more than one book.


I also enthusiastically recommend Maira Kalman's kids' books, especially those about Max the Dog Poet and What Pete Ate from A to Z. The illustrations in these are glorious, but there's also some truly wonderful, evocative wordplay.

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The Lighthouse Family books by Cynthia Rylant are wonderful. They look like mere 'pciture' books, but they are not! (I adore picture books, btw). She is also the author of the Henry and Mudge books which are absolute gems.


And my broken record says, Babe, The Galllant Pig is a must read. And Matilda, and The BFG, and The Witches. Charlotte's Web! The Water Horse!


I am a huge Harry Potter fan, but fisrt things first. IMO. lol

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