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this is the first thread i start !

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it's pretty exciting but i wanted to share my great find at the goodwill store. this is my first year homeschooling. I went there look for a bookshelf. A cheap one. Very cheap. They have them. They use them for books!!!:glare: They didn't have any for sale. But while perusing and letting my kids look around - I found a language arts board game, a math board game, a few A beka reading books, and a few western civilization history books and I only spent 23$. I also bought some miscellanous stuff that was completely unnecessary for my son's bedroom:tongue_smilie:

I was pretty excited and didn't really have anyone else to share this great buy with! And since it seemed like the board was in need of a little infusion of joy, I thought I'd share.

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Be careful, you are now hooked and it is addictive. My daughter who homeschools four of my dgc and I frequent our local Goodwill on a regular basis. We now have started visiting Goodwills out of town and in the towns nearby. We have become Goodwill junkies. We have found many treasures in the children's books and the nonfiction books. We found a whole set of vintage children's books with all the stories from the CC that she had been trying to piece together. The illustrations alone were so beautiful. She has bought many other vintage books for her children to enjoy as well. She is actually filling her garage sale bookshelves with classic children's literature. I teach my dgd, now a 10th grader, and we have found all our classic literature on the Goodwill shelves, as well as her last year's BJU US History and this year's BJU writing and grammar. My friend found the leather bound reprint of Christopher Columbus' log book. It is such a treasure hunt there if you are a real bibliophile. I have also found several Norton Anthologies as well. I hope none of you live nearby since I have now let the secret out.:lol:

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Sounds like you hit the jackpot! You just never know when someone has dropped off stacks of books they no longer need. I was recently one of those people.


A few years ago we finished homeschooling our two kids in grades K-12 and I planned to sell all the books I no longer wanted to keep. The problem I had, though, was that I was too sick to deal with the work of selling so I left everything as it was. Three years and two major surgeries later I finally got to it only I still had no time or ambition to sell so I did the next best thing. I de-cluttered all 12 of my bookcases, bagged up what I didn't need in large trash bags, loaded the car and dropped it all off at Salvation Army. I'm not exaggerating- The bags filled the back seat of my car from floor to ceiling and my trunk was packed as well. I'd like to think that somebody made a killing at my Salvation Army store with all the books I donated.


Happy for your findings! You should hit your Goodwill store once a month. You'll probably find treasures each time you go.

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