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Good news: Knock me over with a feather.....

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the plumber is here and he is hooking up the dishwasher and I picked up the sink this morning and I am going to have.......like.......a normal kitchen!




We moved back home from the hotel just about 6 months ago and I have been washing dishes (and everything else) in the bathroom sink since then. FINALLY, the sink, the dishwasher (which has been here for 5 months) are going to be working.


I am SO excited!!!!! DH says that I have been a saint about it.......DH is right!:D


The plumber has a sense of humor, too: He said he will be finished in plenty of time and I will be able to cook dinner tonight!:lol: The plumber is wrong! ;) I am going to Bonefish to celebrate with an Espresso Martini.:cheers2:

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Can I knock you over with a feather duster instead? Wait. . . I don't have a feather duster. . . how about one of those Swiffer dusters instead?!


Congratulations on having a normal kitchen!



Well, if you have a wet swiffer, I need a couple of those - Johnny (the plumber) has made a mess of the kitchen floor.:glare:

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Wow... the bathroom sink... you are amazing! Congrats on your new kitchen!!!


Thank you and Thank you! I think that I just blocked the insanity of it all out of my mind, and just this past week (with houseguests arriving next week) I said to DH: 'Please get Johnny over here and get this finished.'

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